Advanced Certificate of Skin Cancer


The Advanced Certificate of Skin Cancer for General Practitioners is made up of five courses that will enhance your knowledge and skills in detection, appropriate referral and management plan of skin cancers.  

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Course duration up to 24 months to complete the full certificate (approx. 180 study hours).  Visit our website for full course information.


This package consists of five online courses and one face to face workshop. 

Successfully complete the following courses and order to gain the certificate:

• Practical Dermoscopy (includes f2f workshop)
• Benign & Precancerous Lesions
• Melanoma and Other Skin Cancers
• Practical Therapies – Basic
• Practical Therapies – Advanced

Practical Workshop

The Practical Dermoscopy course has a face-to-face, full day workshop. This day is run by leading Australian Dermatologists and will give students an opportunity to explore the use of dermoscopy and how to conduct a full skin check using diagnostic algorithms. In addition, students will have the opportunity to practice various types of skin biopsy and suturing techniques. We have every intention of holding our face-to-face workshops as scheduled, but due to unforeseen circumstances that may arise, please ensure that any travel/accommodation bookings you make are fully flexible and refundable. It is our preference that students attend workshops face-to-face however we have developed an online version. If you have extenuating circumstances surrounding workshop attendance please contact us to discuss this alternative option.

Clinical Case Studies

In all of our courses participants have the opportunity to respond to authentic clinic case studies and challenge yourself to provide a diagnosis and first-step management plan on the clinical information and dermoscopic images.


Attend or watch recordings of online webinars and participate in open discussion on diagnosis and management direct with our expert Dermatologists.


Complete each end of topic quiz, participate in the case discussion forum, submit a case study and complete a final online exam.

Required Hours

This Advanced Certificate requires about 182 study hours.
Course duration is up to 24 months to complete the full certificate.

Boost your confidence in skin health and apply these principles as a guide for appropriate referral to a dermatologist when required. Call (02) 8741 4140 for more information! 

These courses are designed to provide Doctors and related health professionals with knowledge and skills in a range of Dermatology and skin health areas to develop their expertise and confidence in dealing with patients who present with dermatological conditions. It aims to assist you in the day-to-day management of these patients and in making the decision as to when to refer a patient to a Dermatologist. 

Completion of this course does not provide you with qualifications in dermatology or guarantee you access into the ACD Specialist Training Program. In order to practice as a Specialist Dermatologist you must complete the ACD Specialist Training Program. Information on the Training Program requirements are outlined here:

Becoming a Dermatologist