Melanography Essentials Online Part 1

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Melanography Essentials Part 1 includes all online components.

ONLINE Only - workshops are not included in this course

TRIMESTER 1 2019 4th Feb to 28th April
TRIMESTER 2 2019 3rd June to 1st Sept
TRIMESTER 3 2019 2nd Sep to 1st Dec

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Melanography skills are becoming a crucial element in the identification and subsequent treatment of skin cancers and skin conditions. This online course, built in collaboration between the ACD and MoleMap, provides the first step of a Certificate course in Melanography. It provides nurses and other health professionals with the relevant knowledge in skin assessment and imaging which are required for competent and safe Melanography practice. Together with the workshops successful students are awarded a Certificate in Melanography Essentials from the ACD that is recognised in many clinics in Australia and New Zealand.