Skin Signs of Systemic Disease

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Enrol to study with the most prestigious skin health training organisation in Australia. Limited spots available for the first intake of  2021! This module is part of the Advanced Certificate of General Dermatology but can be taken as a stand-alone course.

Only 20 spots available for the first intake of 2021! 

This course requires about 22 study hours. 

Meet your CPD requirements and maintain professional standards: 40 CPD points at completion of this course.

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Term 1 15th Feb - 11th April - Contact

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Dermatologic complaints are a common reason for consulting a GP. In some cases, the skin condition may be a sign of a more serious underlying systemic disease. Identify the most common dermatological manifestations and employ knowledge of interrelated conditions to create a complete approach to patient care.

In this module you will learn about skin signs associated with:

·       Endocrine Disease

·       Auto-immune Disease

·       Internal disease and malignancy

·       Cardiac, renal and GIT disease

·       Inherited syndromes (Genodermatoses)

Complete this module online, at your own pace and from the comfort of your home or office. 

* Completion of this course will result in 40 CPD points from the RACGP

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